About Us

www.agrecofarms.gr is an online shop
that offers traditional Mediterranean Greek packaged food, cosmetics and related products.

Enjoy our natural Cretan products

The Agreco Traditional Farm opened its gates in 2002 in the village of Adele, near Rethymno, Crete. The farm gives a whole new meaning to “real experience.” On a 40-hectare estate, the traditional farm showcases centuries-old farming methods. The farm provides a fascinating insight into the organic production of the island’s simple and healthy food. It is also an environmental educational center for visitors from the local Grecotels, farmers and students as the methods are all based on organic farming.
Agrecofarms products with the distinctive brand “Agreco” & “Eau de Grece” are available not only in the Grocery store of the farm and the Agreco shops located in the hotels of Grecotel, but also in other partner Agreco shops outside hotels and at the Hellenic Duty Free Shops throughout Greece.

Olive Oil

Agrecofarms.gr mission is to provide customers high quality organic, certified, Greek food products and body care products, from small productions, with local producers personal care. Our products lead to the adoption of an alternative high nutritional value diet, dietary and health care in relation to the industrial products that are available in the market.

Agrecofarms.gr main objective is the availability of the products in Greece and abroad.
The farm is set on the heart of Crete and has the advantage of producing pure local traditional products and sending them to a public with a growing interest in organic products and Mediterranean food products, as the value and importance of the Mediterranean diet is recognized internationally.

In addition our online store is an accessible channel to the traditional Greek products, while contributing in the promotion and advertising of the local community products.