The mint family is named after the nymph Menthe, who Persephone turned into an herb in a fit of jealous rage. Spearmint, a powerful breath freshener, is widely used in chewing gum, but is also known to combat nausea.

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Greeks in antiquity welcomed guests into their homes by rubbing crushed spearmint leaves on the table.


Infuse in boiling water. Drink hot or cold. Add sugar or honey according to taste.

Beauty tip: Drink spearmint tea flavored with honey to soothe a stomach ache. Use a spearmint hair rinse to add shine and control oiliness.

The product is not a prescription drug

  • ORGANIC FARM PRODUCE (certified by the BioHellas Organisation according to 834/2007 – GR-BIO-03 Agriculture ΕΕ)
  • ISO 22000 :05


Store in a dry cool place

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