Dionysos was the god of the grape harvest, so Greek wines and their varieties are well known since antiquity. AgrecoFarms vineyard enjoys a fairy-tale location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, taking full advantage of the unique Cretan terroir. Enjoy our bright, charming, with aromatic hints, white organic wines Chardonnay, Moschato Spinas, and Vidiano, which are considered the diamonds of the island’s viticulture. The dynamic blend of varietals and sweet aromas characteristic of red wine Syrah Kotsifali and table wine Rose will excite your senses.
Crete’s clear, aromatic nectar has a place at the table of any gathering. Clink glasses to your health – stin hygeia sas! – with a glass of raki from AgrecoFarms vineyards and wine press to make any occasion special. End a meal with a special raki like the Citrus raki or the red Mirtoraki, a tsikoudia enriched with extracts of either citrus or myrtle, tangerine peel, and cloves that create a heavenly flavor and aroma.


Due to specific restrictions, we’re unable to deliver Alcoholic Beverages to addresses outside of Greece
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